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Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping, Kent, London and surrounding Areas


A garden has to have a certain amount of foliage to make it feel like an outside space. Whether you are looking to have a rose garden or a full country kitchen herb garden we are here to help you achieve your dream.



Our horticultural specialist will liaise with you to get your requirements.



We will take a sun map and work out which plants will thrive in your garden whether you want low maintenance hardy annuals or to provide big bushy shade in the summer.



Or a natural fence we will provide the plants as well as the planting 


We can provide well established trees and planting to help remove hydrocarbons and particles from the air if you live near a road. Not only making your garden look beautiful but you will also give you health benefits. 

For near to roads we recommend putting up a birch tree screen as the leave are rough and can attract more particles from the air.



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