When considering a drive way you must be aware of the local planning constraints and whether or not you are allowed run off into the storm water drains.

If not then you will have to consider having a soak away installed. The soak away means that the run off from your driveway is allowed to "soak away naturally".

If you are allowed to run into the public storm water drain then your drive way can be fairly cheap to install a base of 10-12 inches of type 1 MOT   with a topper of block pavers will be sufficient to hold most cars.


In most cases if you keep some garden to one side of the drive then you can channel it into the garden to soak away naturally. 


In more built up areas where the fall of your drive is too much then you may be required to install a soak away 1 cubic meter is normally required for a single car driveway.


Please get in contact to work out what you will need for your driveway.