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Garden Design

Garden Design is the first stage and the most important part of having
a new Garden.
Below is just a sample of some of our design works.
We do recommend a design for your garden but it is not essential.
If you decide that you want to use our services to con

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Garden Build

Driveway examples

When considering a drive way you must be aware of the local planning constraints and whether or not you are allowed run off into the storm water drains.
If not then you will have to consider having a soak away installed. The soak away means that the run off from your drivewa

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Garden Build

Garden Design, Landscaping, Paving Examples Living Landscaping

Creating a custom patio can be a rewarding experience that leaves you with a beautiful space you’ll want to share with others.

Custom pavers are stone or concrete pieces that are used to create a unique and beautiful surface for a patio. They ar

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Garden Design and Landscaping in the Night Garden

By J. A. Young The nighttime garden is an enchanting place during the growing season. For gardeners who frequently entertain during evening hours, there are several plant varieties and garden features to consider for your landscape. There are also various ornaments and design pos

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Garden Design

Garden Sunlight Map

A sunlight map is a valuable way to work out how much sun you get in each
area of your garden. This is useful for the positioning of garden components.
If you want a sun filled patio then maybe it should be at the end of the garden.

Sunlight maps are not on

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Seven planting tips

1. Sunlight Map
Creating a sunlight map will help you to be able to decide what plants should be planted where. This will also give an indication of the soil conditions whether they will dry out (so you will need deeper rooting plants. Or stay damp so shollow rooting plants

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